New Patients

Welcome to Pediatrics, P.C., a somewhat mundane name for what we think is an extraordinary pediatric practice. Our recently completed 70th anniversary prompted us to assess what we believe are our core values.

First, we recognize that with every visit we are caring for two patients, the child and the caregiver, each of whose needs are to be addressed.

Second, each provider meets these needs in their own unique way, such that each patient can be seen by whomever they feel best serves their needs, although this may not be possible for urgent, same-day problems.

Third, we understand that when care is needed, a concerned parent would rather speak to a real person than navigate their way through a phone tree. For that reason during business hours, all of our calls are answered directly by our front desk staff and directed to the most appropriate source. Our doctors are on call 24/7, and after business hours you will be directed to an answering service.

Fourth, most sick children cannot wait a week or so for an appointment. For acute illnesses/injuries if you call before 4 PM. on any business day, we will try our hardest to see your child the same day that you call.

Insurance: We have provided a list of medical insurances currently accepted. We all know that these lists change periodically, so if you do not find your insurance on the list, please don’t hesitate to check with our front desk staff.

Prenatal classes: We realize that many parents have concerns on several different levels about the addition of a newborn into their lives. Dr. Blazek meets with expectant parents on a regular basis to provide information about what to expect at the hospital, at home and then in our office. As you approach the date of your new arrival, please contact our front desk to arrange to join one of our expectant parents’ meetings.

New patients: If you are new to this area, we are currently accepting new patients. Please call us so that we may assist you in obtaining your previous medical records, as optimal transition of your child’s medical care is best accomplished when we have previous medical records. Although we like to have your child’s medical records in our office before we see them, this is not ironclad. Contact our front desk for further information. Before we accept any new patient, it is our policy that all of our patients be immunized according to current American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations.