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We recommend the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) website for information on routine child health concerns. Their parent section has great information and is easy to search by topic. The other sites are also wonderful sources of information.

Pediatrics PC is not responsible for their content or for any links following from these sites. Information in these sites should not serve as a substitute for medical advice from your child's doctor.


1. Baby and Child Care: Dr. Benjamin Spock (Pocket Books)
2. Your Baby and Child: Penelope Leach (Knopf)

Daycare and Preschool Resources

Kalamazoo Great Start Collaborative


American Academy of Pediatrics
CDC Information on Immunizations - Link for what would happen if we stopped immunizing.
Child Care Resources of Southwest Michigan - They also have a facebook page. Information on what defines high quality child care/preschool and resouces available in the community for all income ranges (including those who qualify for state assistance.)
Healthy Children Symptom Checker - Get information about what could be causing your child's symptoms
How to Prevent Your Child From Drowning
Children’s Product Recalls
Child Safety
Safe Kids Kalamazoo
Mayo Clinic
US Centers for Disease Control
Real Food for Real Life - guidance on how to feed your child from a registered dietician. She also has a great book Help Take the Fight Out of Food.
National Eating Disorder Association

Trampoline Safety

Trampolines: What you need to know
AAP Advises Against Recreational Trampoline Use

Car Safety Resources

Driver Safety
Kids Health - Auto Safety
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration